Eco Club

Mrs Darmody is crowned ECO Teacher of the Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

St Johns children are delighted to spread the news that they have the ECO teacher of the year working at their school. Mrs. Ann Marie Darmody won the prestigious award on Friday 20th April 2018. After completing green flag status for the school this year, with the help of her amazing ECO team, consisting of pupils from P2-P7. The children got together and wanted to show how much they appreciated their teachers work so in a secret mission they entered the competition on their teacher’s behalf. They have enjoyed a number of workshops, Eco projects and fun lessons because of Mrs. Darmody’s passion for all things ECO. To enter the completion children had to complete a task of explaining why their teacher was the best person for this award in 100 words or less. St. John’s children composed a rap song and made a music video to show off their ECO skills at the school and to prove to the ECO Teachers Conference that their teacher was most deserving of this award. This was then released on our school Facebook page for all our parents to see. Judges thought the entry was original and awarded; the ECO teacher of the year Award at Primary level to Mrs. Darmody for her active participation and passion in all things ECO in St Johns Primary. As a treat she spent a lovely day in Antrim at the awards ceremony with lots of guest speakers on ECO initiatives in schools, along with a certificate of recognition. Check out St. John’s primary Facebook page to see our rap stars in action.

ECO Committee

The ECO Committee was set up in September 2-13 by Mrs AM Darmody. It consists of 15 children with one class representative from each KS2 class and each of the y4 classes. The ECO Committee have achieved the Bronze and Silver Flag to date and are currently working towards the Green Flag. They meet every Tuesday after school and work together to promote environmental awareness throughout the school and wider community.

Fairtrade Committee

The Fairtrade Committee is made up of the ECO Committee members as part of the ECO schools and has been instrumental in receiving accreditation as a Fair Achiever School since 2013. The entire school community is very proud of this award. Fairtrade fortnight is an annual event in the school calendar and we host a number of activities that engage our entire school community in the promotion of Fairtrade.