School Council

Our School Council

St John’s Primary School is a community. Our school council helps to make this community good to live in. Our school council is for pupils and is led by pupils. Every pupil in Years 4 to 7 can suggest issues to be talked about. Issues like the playground, toilets, lunch time, behaviour, rules, uniform, curriculum and the canteen are discussed at council meetings.

Firstly, each class in Years 4 to 7 has a class council. A class council is for discussion and decision making in which all pupils in the class take part. The class council decides on the issues that their elected class representative takes to each school council meeting. These issues form the agenda for the school council meeting.

The school council aims to meet every six weeks. Class councils can meet more often than this. School councils have a chairperson, who works through the agenda. A secretary, who writes down decisions taken. A timekeeper, who makes sure we do not talk too long about some issues.

All issues discussed at the school council meeting are taken to Mrs O Connor. Mrs O Connor meets with the Year 7 reps and discusses all issues. The Year 7 reps then report back to all children and inform them of all decisions made.

Our school council has helped to improve our school in lots of ways, for example, more ipads for each class, new play equipment has been purchased for the playground, we do not have to change in to indoor shoes any more, we have charity days and no uniform days.

The school council is involved in school life and everyone benefits. The school council means pupils and teachers working together to solve problems. The school council helps to create a listening school, and a safe, happy, fair learning environment for everyone.

Guildhall Visit October 2017

On the 3rd October 2017 our School Council had a visit to the Guildhall to meet the Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council Maoliosa McHugh. The children had a great day touring the Guildhall and getting to see first-hand the work of the Mayor and also Councillor Darren O Reilly and Councillor Gary Donnelly. The children were giving the opportunity to interview the Mayor based on his job and help make decisions to better our community.