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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Teaching Staff

Principal: Mrs G O’Connor

Vice Principal: Mrs J Connolly

Vice Principal: Miss A Murphy 


Miss J Boyle        Mrs B Doherty         Mr N McCourt          Mrs E Bradley

Mrs R Doherty     Mrs F McGowan       Mrs J Bradley          Mr E Downey

Mr S Mullan         Mrs J Officer           Mrs A Canning 

Mrs C Sheerin      Mr N Carlin             Mrs AM McCourt

Mrs R Finnegan    Mr P Tunney           Mrs M Cassidy         Mrs K Gallagher

Miss K Woods      Mrs AM Darmody     Miss M Mellon          Mrs K Devlin


Non-Teaching Staff

Mrs F Bryson      Mrs K Carlin               Mrs H Christy

Mr M Gallagher

Learning Support Assistants

Miss L Baldrick    Mrs S Luffman         Miss C O’Hara          Mrs D Cunningham

Mr E Daly           Mrs A McIntyre         Miss D Toland         Miss R Harkin

Mrs M Doherty    Miss A Mullan           Mrs M Watson         Miss C Duddy

Mrs T Mc Kenna

Building Supervisor

Mr A Nash

Catering Supervisor

Mrs M Murray

Supervisory Assistants

Mrs P Brady         Ms S Doherty         Mrs G Healy             Miss C McCloskey

Mrs S Campbell   Mrs S Gallagher      Mrs G McLaughlin     Mrs A Vanswayze

Mrs D Maguire    Ms M Crumley         Mrs C Robson           Ms D Irvine

Ms N Nicell

School Cleaners

Mrs L Anderson   Mrs J O’Donnell     Mrs L Collins

Ms N O’Hagan     Mrs M O’Hagan     Mr S Doherty              Mrs K O’Donnell