Year 7 Leaver's Day Celebration Information

Dear Yr7 children,

Please tell your parents/guardians/family members about the Leavers' Day celebration we have been talking about on TEAMS and make sure they are happy for you to attend.  We will post a short message on Face Book telling them to check the information on TEAMS and on the school website with the information about the sessions. All the information you will need is here on TEAMS so please make sure they see it.

We will meet you on Tuesday 23rd of June at school for this celebration.  You will attend only in the groups you are listed in and at only the time given to that group of children.  Groups and times are available in your class Office365 Team. If you do not have access to teams you can phone the school office on 02871264046. You are to arrive at the gate given to your group only at the time given.  You must stand at one of the cones Alan has put out, 2 metres apart.  Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions you cannot bring your parents/ guardians into the school grounds with you.

An LSA will meet and greet your group at the gate and the time you have been given.  You will be escorted to the area of the playground given over to your class for the leavers’ session.  You can return any AR reading books into a box provided at this session.  You will receive a leaver’s pack with treats to eat (please do not bring any food with you as we will sort this for you), your Yr7 school report and some extra items to celebrate your time at St. John’s.  You will watch a video showing photographs of your time at school and then have some time to eat and chat with your friends and teachers.  All photos (as phones are not permitted) and videos will be made available online on our school website and on our Face Book page.

You should wear your own clothes and not your uniform but you can if you wish bring your tie to attach it to the school gate as you come in.  Alan has asked if he can continue this tradition and will post a photograph when all children have attached their tie at the end of the day.

After your session ends you will be escorted back to the gate you used to enter the school grounds and you should go straight back home.  Please do not wait around the gate to see other children in the other groups as this isn’t permitted in the restrictions imposed on us by the Department of Health.  We must abide by the very strict rules given to us or it could mean we have to delay or change the sessions, which would be a great shame for all of us.

We are delighted that Mrs O'Connor has given us the chance to see each other again, especially when so many children may not get the chance to say their goodbyes. You have one week now to get sorted. So, you now have your time, your group and advice about coming into school safely.  We are so looking forward to seeing you all.  It will be good to say a proper goodbye and tell you how proud we are of you all for living through this very difficult time and for all your efforts at keeping learning.

Fr Gormley will say a special virtual Yr7 Leavers’ Mass just for us, online on Thursday at 10AM.  

Until we see you on Tuesday, keep safe and well, God bless,

Mrs D, Mr Mac and Mrs C​

Please check your class Office365 Team to find out which group you are in and the time slot to attend.

TIME: 9.30-11.40
WHERE TO WAIT:Arrive at the upper main gate, (as you face this gate stay at the right hand side, at the single pedestrian gate, lining up, up the hill), follow directions, round side of canteen and down past outdoor classroom to Yr7 entrance.

TIME: 9.40-11.50
WHERE TO WAIT: Arrive at the upper main gate, (as you face this gate stay at the left hand side, at the single pedestrian gate, lining down the hill), follow directions down steps to Yr 4 entrance.

TIME: 9.50-12 noon
WHERE TO WAIT: Arrive at the lower gate beside St Cecilia’s and follow directions to Yr6 entrance.

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