Published: 6th Feb, 2018

Attention Year 6&7 parents and guardians.  There will be a letter going home tomorrow regarding a parent pupil after school workshop.  We will only be able to run this if we have at least 30 parents signed up.  The workshop in question is called ‘Digital Families’ and it is specifically targeted at Key Stage 2 pupils and their parents/ guardians. The workshop which will last about 2 hours on the 15th March between 6:30pm and 8:30pm will focus on the concept of programming robots.  Each workshop can cater for up to 60 parents and children.  The pupils in partnership with their parents will have the opportunity to code their robots to navigate a course which has been laid out for them.  The workshop will be tailored to cater for a range of abilities and experience and the tasks will be well within the capability of the parents and children. Hope we get the interest to run this fantastic workshop.

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