Teaching Staff Retirements

Published: 2nd Jul, 2024

On 31st August 2024, our school family will bid a fond farewell to three members of our teaching staff. Both Mrs Jacqueline Bradley and Mrs Anne Canning having dedicated over 33 years to the education of our children and Mrs Joanne Connolly who was Vice-Principal/teacher for eight years.

Each of them brought their unique talents and skills to our school. Mrs Bradley, always willing to share the gift of music; Mrs Canning, a real champion for children’s learning enabling them to be the very best version of themselves, and a confidante and friend to all; and Mrs Connolly, an aspirational leader passionate about innovation.

In an everchanging world where the only constant is change, Mrs Jacqueline Bradley, Mrs Anne Canning and Mrs Connolly adapted to meet the needs of each generation. From the days of chalkboards to the era of interactive digital learning, they navigated the evolving educational landscape intent on doing their absolute best. During the pandemic, they worked to ensure that the children in their care were taught but more importantly sustained personal connection with their classmates and teacher - such was their vocation and unending commitment to the children of St John’s Primary School.

On behalf of the Governors, staff, children and wider school community I extend my deepest gratitude for the years of service to our school. Please know that your impact will continue to resonate within these walls, carried by the countless children’s and colleagues’ lives you have touched. We wish you good health to enjoy the new chapters ahead. May you enjoy these well-earned times with your loved ones.

Geraldine O’Connor


St John’s PS


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