Apex Housing Gives St. John’s P.S. CRED Ability

Published: 15th Jan, 2016

On Monday 11th January 2016 staff from Apex Housing gave the children a presentation on their visit to Miwaleni, Northern Tanzania. On this visit a football kit, footballs, skipping ropes, stationery and toiletries were donated to Miwaleni P.S. on behalf of the wider St. John’s Primary School community. This excellent presentation contributed towards St. John’s P.S. Community Relations Equality and Diversity (CRED) Programme. It also validated the school’s Fair Trade status and its commitment to alleviating poverty and promoting sustainable development in poorer countries. School Council issued John Boyle, Apex’s Property Services Manager, with a cheque for £500 towards Apex’s target of £10,000 to continue the on-going work in resourcing the Miwaleni Primary School and the Early Childhood Development Centre in Northern Tanzania.

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