Are you having a ‘Digital’ Christmas?     Are you thinking about purchasing a device such as a Bluetooth-enabled toy, smart phone, Tablet, games console or laptop for your child this Christmas?   Does this year’s letter to Santa have you completely baffled because of tech-jargon?    Are you worried about whether or not these devices are appropriate for your child’s age?  Would you like some professional help on issues such as parental controls and security?   Here are three tips if you answered yes to any of the above:   ·         The NSPCC o2 Helpline can provide you with advice and guidance over the phone or you can arrange an appointment with an O2 Guru (you do not need to be an O2 Customer).  Learn more here or phone the Helpline on 0808 8005002.      ·         For parents of keen gamers, Ask About Games will give specific information about PEGI ratings, top games (including family friendly games) and simple guidance on how to put parental controls on consoles, handhelds, Tablets or phones.   ·         You can also visit Netaware (or download the Netaware app) to keep you up-to-date, with simple advice on what's new in social networking. Netware reviews privacy settings, suitable ages and appropriate content for over 50 sites.

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