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The fundamental aim of the Arts curriculum at St. John’s P.S. is to develop children’s creativity through every area of the curriculum. A wide range of experiences both in and outside the taught curriculum is offered including:

• Peripatetic music lessons for individual children in wind instruments

• Various after school-clubs for art, music, dance and photography

• Opportunities to participate in competitions within the school and outside of school

• Regular assemblies, Christmas and summer concerts, choir concerts, rehearsals and performances

• Numerous visits from artists, musicians and theatre groups to perform for or work with the children

• Class drama lessons as well as structured dramatic productions throughout the year.

Within the Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, music is integrated into classroom learning. Our Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 children participate in the Musical Pathways to Learning Programme which focuses on basic elements such as beat, pulse and rhythm. This helps to focus the children’s listening and concentration skills at this crucial stage of their education and scaffolds the development of phonological awareness in Literacy.

Our school choir rehearses regularly and contributes greatly to the ceremonies of Confirmation and the Key Stage 2 Carol Service. The choir performs annually at the Derry Feis, the St. Patrick’s Day Concert and Grandparents Day. The choir also performs for our local community at regular intervals.