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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Policy Statement


At St. John’s P.S. we view the curriculum as the method of interaction between the learner and the teacher and, as such, support a curriculum that transmits attitudes and values, in addition to knowledge, skills and understanding. High standards are created through very high expectations, which are at the core of the curriculum.

The curriculum of the school is designed to give a broad and balanced education to all children and to present all children with experiences suitable to their current stages of development.


Serve the needs of All Pupils by:

• Ensuring that all pupils have access to the Northern Ireland Curriculum

• Having strategies to identify and meet individual pupil needs

• Providing learning environments that are flexible enough to meet a range of learning opportunities

• Providing access to adequate resources to meet pupils’ individual needs

• Having common approaches to identify and celebrate individual worth

• Recruiting and managing teaching and support staff with recent and relevant training and experience.

Provide a Curriculum which:

• Is planned to take account of national, local and school priorities

• Provides access for all pupils to the Northern Ireland Curriculum and all its experiences regardless of gender, race, disability or religious affiliation

• Addresses spiritual, moral, social, emotional and cultural as well as academic development

• Offers opportunities for pupils to acquire and develop key skills to equip them for current and future roles e.g. Communication, Using Mathematics, Using ICT, Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities

• Includes planned opportunities to assess, record and report all the achievements of pupils.

Make Expected Outcomes Explicit by:

• Establishing agreed targets or key learning objectives, which can be monitored and evaluated for the whole school, for subject areas and for individual teachers

• Involving pupils in target setting in lessons and within their own work

• Using internal and external monitoring strategies to enable targets to be met

and assessed in order to encourage continued and ongoing development

• Deploying resources/budgets to enable priorities and key learning objectives to met

The Northern Ireland Curriculum

• Communication (Language and Literacy)

• Using Mathematics (Numeracy)

• Using ICT

• The Arts

• The World Around Us

• Physical Development and Movement

• Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

• Religious Education

Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities and Assessment for Learning are incorporated into all areas of the curriculum. Our School Development Plan, 2014 - 2017 was drawn up in accordance with Statutory requirements vis-à-vis the needs of the school. A copy of the School Development Plan is available from the school office.